Director of Customer Experience – (Central Belt, Scotland)

Talent Focus Executive Search has been retained by Bield ( to recruit a high calibre, proactive, Director of Customer Experience. Closing date 05/11/21.

Role purpose
  1. Reporting directly to the CEO, and as a member of the Senior Management Team (SMT), you will contribute to the strategic direction, effective governance and leadership of Bield to ensure that as an organisation, we can accomplish our vision, mission and aims
  2. As Director of Customer Experience, you are accountable for providing effective stewardship and care of Bield’s £40m+ turnover, its 5,000+ customers, its extensive asset base, and its 1,000+ staff and volunteers and ensure compliance with statutory and regulatory legislation and frameworks as it relates to your area of responsibility.
  3. You will provide strategic leadership to the Customers Services Department, ensuring effective design and governance of our Housing, Housing Management and Care Services.
  4. You are accountable for the planning, delivery and quality assurance of all services to Bield customers, developing and maintaining a diverse range of housing, care and other services.
Key responsibilities and accountabilities
Strategic Leadership:
  1. Responsible for supporting the Board and Chief Executive in the effective governance of Bield.
  2. Develop effective systems of strategic risk management throughout Bield, covering both non-financial and financial activities.
  3. Accountable for ensuring that all Housing and Care regulatory and governance standards are frameworks are in place and robust and meet safeguarding requirements.
  4. Accountable for driving forward policies, procedures and processes across the organisation that support the expected level of service delivery to customers, including the provision of meals where appropriate.
  5. On behalf of Bield, lead on the ARC reporting, compliance, assurance and improvement plans when required.
  6. Provide leadership and active strategic insight into the Bield transformation programmes, delivering an inclusive and effective move to a new set of sustainable services and assets
  7. Demonstrate leadership, collaboration and working proactively with the SMT and Leadership Team to deliver the organisation wide business plan objectives and strategic priorities
  8. As part of the SMT, responsible for leading and supporting the delivery of change management workstreams
  9. Accountable for the delivery and implementation of strategies and workstreams as they relate to your area of responsibility.
Departmental Leadership:
  1. Provide effective leadership by creating and communicating the strategic direction throughout your area of responsibility.
  2. Champion cultural change across Bield, ensuring your team are engaged in Bield’s future strategy 
  3. Lead all aspects of the Customer Services Department (including tenant and service user engagement, service performance, people management and financial management)
  4. Oversee the delivery of all front-line housing, care and support services to the highest standards, in accordance with relevant legislation and best practice guidance
  5. Responsible for tenant and other customer satisfaction, ensuring the customer experience is maximised and that all complaints are dealt with promptly and effectively
  6. Work in partnership with professional organisations, relevant external agencies and key partners to support Bield’s understanding of developments in relevant markets/fields
  7. Accountable for the performance of the Heads of Service and their teams to deliver the effective professional fulfilment of their roles and responsibilities
  8. Manage and control the department’s priorities and activities to ensure they align with Bield strategy and comply with all Bield policies and procedures
  9. Responsible for performance reporting/management information and KPIs as it relates to your areas of responsibility.
  10. Set and manage the annual budget for their department and monitor performance as part of Bield’s wider performance management expectations
Budget and People Management
  1. Set and manage the annual budget for their own department and monitor performance as part of Bield’s wider performance management expectations.
  2. Support the development of knowledge and skills across your team through knowledge transfer and formal learning and development opportunities.
  3. Cultivate and encourage an awareness of cost and the importance of achieving value for money. Ensure that people in your team are accountable for expenditure and able to create well supported argument for additional expenditure i.e., overtime.
  4. Ensure all aspects of the employee life cycle processes/people management are managed effectively and in accordance with the relevant Bield Policies and Procedures throughout your area of responsibility.
  5. Implement Bield’s Performance Development Framework across your team and ensure its delivery through all levels of the organisational structure
  6. Support the personal and professional development of knowledge and skills across your team through knowledge transfer and formal learning and development opportunities.
  7. Ensure compliance with GDPR and FOI Legislation
Partnership Working and Engagement:
  1. Enhance the external profile of/represent the organisation by responding innovatively to sector developments and building on relationships with key stakeholders and funders.
  2. Oversee the delivery of an efficient and effective service to the Board of Bield, ensuring that the Board is kept well informed openly and honestly on all relevant issues and assisting members in reviewing their training needs as appropriate.  
Health and Safety and Equality and Diversity
  1. Ensure adherence to relevant policies, procedures, regulations and legislation relating to health and safety and equality and diversity.
  2. Ensure you and the people in your team understand their responsibilities for Health and Safety at work.  Undertake regular monitoring to ensure that Health and Safety Policies and Procedures are adhered to, taking prompt corrective action to address and resolve issues identified.
  3. Ensure you and the people in your team operate with an awareness of inclusiveness, equality and diversity in all areas of responsibility.
Organisational Culture, Behaviours and Values
  1. At all times demonstrate and communicate the culture, behaviours and values expected at Bield.
  2. The role of Director should set the tone for ethical practice and behaviour within the organisation. 
  3. The behaviour of Directors is a role model to those who work in the function, to other colleagues in Bield, and to those on the Board.
  4. Behaviour will also affect relationships and Directors will be aware of personal style and understand how this affects individuals and groups in coping with pressure, setbacks and stress, and in developing coping strategies.
  5. Be a role model, showing energetic, determined, positive, robust and resilient leadership with an ability to inspire confidence and respect and exemplify high standards of conduct.
  6. Provide clear, authoritative and impartial professional advice and objective analysis and interpretation of complex situations.
  7. Adopt a flexible leadership style, able to move through visioning to implementation, through collaboration and consultation to challenge as appropriate and able to give and receive constructive feedback.
  8. Demonstrate strength of resolve to insist on operational improvements when standards are slipping and to hold people to account (whether they directly report or not) for what they agree to deliver.
  9. Ability to negotiate in a positive manner and handle problem resolution activities proactively.
  10. A close working relationship with the Senior Management Team and Senior Leadership Team colleagues is critical, and this is also true of the relationships with the Board of Management.
Critical knowledge, skills and experience required
  • Experience of leading, developing and managing relevant services
  • Experience of leading and managing people and budgets
  • Evidence of working successfully with external stakeholders (including senior individuals in regulatory, government and local public service environments
  • Track record of supporting organisational change
  • Experience of negotiating then managing viable and sustainable contracts with commissioning authorities
  • Experience in the ‘not for profit’ or public sector environment.
  • Experience in formulating and implementing strategy and delivering results.
  • Experience of business planning, risk management and performance management.
  • Demonstrated understanding of corporate governance.
  • Experience of working effectively with Board or committee structures.
  • Proven experience of managing, leading and motivating staff through change
  • Educated to degree level or equivalent qualification relevant to employment in the Housing Sector
  • Experience in a social housing or care environment.
  • Experience of working with statutory agencies including local/central government.
  • Good understanding of the contexts and geographies within which Bield operates
  • Working understanding of different service delivery approaches applied across the sector
  • Knowledge of support/care issues relating to older people and experience in Care Sector.
  • Membership of a relevant professional body (or ability to achieve membership within regulatory timescales), such as
    • Care: NMC, SSSC, ILM
    • Housing: CIH, ILM
  • Strategic thinker with the ability to inspire others to deliver the strategic vision.
  • Excellent presentation skills.
  • Excellent people skills – able to relate to a wide range of people at all levels.
  • Strong negotiating and influencing skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communications skills
  • Skilled at motivating, inspiring and developing staff.
  • Ability to plan and prioritise effectively, in order to achieve targets and meet deadlines.
  • Ability to interpret and analyse complex data, review alternative solutions and reach well informed conclusions.
  • Strong verbal reasoning and written communication skills.

Achieving Results
Develops challenging but achievable plans and takes the decisions and actions necessary to ensure they are implemented.
Initiative and Innovation
Challenges the status quo. Actively encourages the use of innovative tools and techniques and creative thinking to maintain and promote a culture of continuous improvement.
Problem Solving
Uses objective analysis and a range of information from difference sources to form sound, sustainable decisions.
Works collaboratively within the organisation and with the Board. Has the ability to contribute effectively to productive teamwork.
Clearly conveys information in a range of formats to a wide variety of audiences and stakeholders. Ensures verbal and written communications are clear and understandable.
Personal Effectiveness
Has the ability to respond and cope well when faced with difficulties. Has high credibility and can get buy-in from others.
Seeing the Bigger Picture
Retains a focus on the longer term and wider context of the organisation’s work. Proactively communicates the vision and values both inside and outside the organisation.
Leadership and Performance Management
Achieves results through others. Provides guidance, direction and support to get the best from people and develop their potential. Links individual and organisational performance. Sets clear goals and provides constructive feedback.
Working in PartnershipAble to build strong relationships both within and outside the organisation. Works effectively with others, establishing and achieving common goals.
For further details, a confidential discussion, or to request a full candidate pack, please contact Luke Rodwell, Director, via
Talent Focus
Director of Customer Experience – (Central Belt, Scotland)