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Established in 2009, Talent Focus Consulting helps organisations and individuals maximise their potential, through a range of talent development services. Operating in the private and public sector, we have delivered innovative solutions across the UK, USA, Asia and the Middle East.

Talent Focus Consulting help leaders to do more for their customers and colleagues through Executive Coaching & Mentoring, Leadership Development, Board & Leadership Team Effectiveness. We also help your people enjoy their environment more through Onboarding Support, Employee Engagement, Motivational Speakers. In addition, Talent Focus Consulting can facilitate better business decisions via Management Due Diligence, Personality Profiling, Salary Benchmarking, Job Evaluation and Recruitment & Interview Training.

Coach or Executive Mentor Matching

A Coach works collaboratively with individuals to enable them to unlock their potential and become the best version of themselves. Coaching can support numerous areas of self-development and usually takes the form of confidential, unbiased, thought-provoking conversations.

An Executive Mentor supports and advises a less experienced person over a period of time, especially as part of a formal programme. They are usually successful industry or sector specialists who share their direct knowledge with others to help them achieve set business outcomes.

If you are interested in working with a Coach or Executive Mentor please complete the short form below and a consultant will be in touch to discuss which of our experienced Coaches or Executive Mentors might best match your requirements. For our bespoke, career transition support please see Career Transition Coaching.

Please note that we can facilitate all Coaching and Executive Mentoring via video conferencing and can accommodate most time zones.

    Coachee Executive Coaching Client

    I can’t speak highly enough of Michelle’s coaching. I’m no stranger to business problem analysis, but I’d hit a wall on personal development and despite gathering external feedback, I sorely lacked objectivity. I think I was going in the right direction, but slowly. Michelle empathically guided me through her own process, asking me to redefine what I was trying to achieve, then to re-order the components of the problem. We found that some of the components weren’t what I had assumed they were. When reassembled, the problem looked different and I could see more clearly than ever what I needed to do. Michelle’s coaching added new layers to my thinking, saving me months, possibly years of trial and error…. and who has that much time to waste?

    Delegate Delegate, Experienced Managers Programme, Global Recruitment Company

    I have enjoyed the team discussions most as they helped me to interact with different people from different regions. Exchange/sharing experiences and ideas relating to team management was invaluable.

    Participant Participant, 12 Month Coaching Development Programme, Global Locations

    I really enjoyed the time spent on emotional intelligence and self-awareness. In particular, the areas where we can support our staff in being more emotionally intelligent.

    Participant Participant, Management Development Programme, USA

    I am looking forward to implementing my actions with my line manager and across the team. This programme has empowered me to not change my style but to understand it so I can build more meaningful relationships across my team.

    Delegate Management Fundamentals Workshop – UK Professional Service Company

    It was really valuable to understand my DISC personality profile and how it relates to other individual’s profiles when managing staff and managing upwards.

    Participant Management Development Programme, UK, USA and Middle East

    I have enjoyed everything about the programme as I am able to relate to all the situations discussed. Coaching using Emotional Intelligence, delegation of duties, understanding oneself and change management are all topics that will help me in my future managerial activity.

    Peter Burke Group HR Director – NES Global Talent

    Talent Focus Consulting have supported us for a number of years with a programme of Leadership and Management Development interventions. The programme has recently been extended and now covers managers of all levels across the Group. The Talent Focus Team work collaboratively and flexibly adding value throughout. We now have effective and proven development solutions aligned to our business targeting individual and team growth.