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Career Transition Coaching

Reflect I Refocus I Relaunch

Career transition can be a stressful and unsettling time, especially for individuals also facing important life decisions – not only has Covid-19 changed ‘how’ we work but it has prompted many to question ‘why’ they work.  In a challenging job market, where securing a new role could take longer than normal, your mental and physical resilience is as important as your direct job search activity.

Talent Focus Executive Search and Talent Focus Consulting have combined to provide a range of career transition coaching specifically designed for Managers and Executives. This combination of Career Coaching, Executive Coaching and Wellness Coaching will help you better understand where you wish to take your career and directly support these goals.  We have focussed on the most valuable aspects of the career transition journey, including self-reflection, the recruitment lifecycle, mentoring, networking and wellbeing to create the most cost effective and impactful results.

We understand the uniqueness of each individual we work with, so all the career transition support we provide is values led and fully bespoke.  This means that you can tailor it to best meet your needs and budget.  Our programmes are individualised to provide proactive, practical, advice and emotional support during your career transition.

In summary, we provide targeted, holistic, coaching to enable you to reflect, refocus and relaunch your career and be the best version of yourself. For further details or to set up an initial exploratory consultation please contact

Please note that we can facilitate all coaching via video conferencing and can accommodate most time zones.

SC Wellness Coachee

As a busy mom and career woman, finding the right person to achieve my wellness goals were very important. I love working with Hannah! She brings a great blend of knowledge, motivation and flexible approach to help both your physical and mental wellbeing. She has a unique ability to motivative through positive reinforcement, while making you push yourself harder to achieve your personal goals. Personally, I have seen significant improvement in my overall body with increased muscle mass, better flexibility and balance. She truly cares about her clients and is wonderful to work with.... I’m so fortunate to have found the right person to help me with my journey!!

Coachee Executive Coaching Client

I can’t speak highly enough of Michelle’s coaching. I’m no stranger to business problem analysis, but I’d hit a wall on personal development and despite gathering external feedback, I sorely lacked objectivity. I think I was going in the right direction, but slowly. Michelle empathically guided me through her own process, asking me to redefine what I was trying to achieve, then to re-order the components of the problem. We found that some of the components weren’t what I had assumed they were. When reassembled, the problem looked different and I could see more clearly than ever what I needed to do. Michelle’s coaching added new layers to my thinking, saving me months, possibly years of trial and error…. and who has that much time to waste?

James P Senior Business Analyst - Career Transition Client

If you are serious about a role then never underestimate the value of getting a professional to help you prepare properly. In hindsight it was one of the best investments in my career and so glad to have done it. Luke analysed my CV and helped me pick out and talk confidently about suitable examples of projects which best reflected my strengths. He coached me through delivery of the chosen examples and highlighted what best to say and how to say it, importantly, what not to say. My confidence for the interview was much, much higher as a result and went as well as I could possibly have hoped for. I also have a written document now which I can refer to for any future interviews. You can tell Luke cares a lot for the success of his clients as he did follow-up calls with me and took an interest in the outcome - a consummate professional. I would strongly encourage others to invest a relatively small amount of time and budget in this kind of exercise.

Angus Wei Account Manager, APAC (based in Singapore) - Enverus

Throughout the recruitment process, Talent Focus Executive Search have been fantastic in terms of providing the updates of status and next steps despite challenges in getting people in different time zones together. They were able to understand what I was looking out for and able to share how I will fit in to my new role. I recommend Talent Focus Executive Search if you are looking for a career switch.

Participant Participant, 12 Month Coaching Development Programme, Global Locations

I really enjoyed the time spent on emotional intelligence and self-awareness. In particular, the areas where we can support our staff in being more emotionally intelligent.

Delegate Management Fundamentals Workshop – UK Professional Service Company

It was really valuable to understand my DISC personality profile and how it relates to other individual’s profiles when managing staff and managing upwards.